The component form


First of all, you need to insert the SF account name of the maintainer of this component, and his password. Be sure that you registered as wxCode maintainer or your submission won't be accepted.

Maintainer SF account:
Maintainer password:

Now, some basic informations about the component; remember that component name can be freely chosen but it has to consist of only lowercase letters, has to be unique within wxCode and must not contain spaces. Please don't use dashes or underscores.

Also the "Subdir" must be a valid unix file name and must consist of lowercase letters and digits only and should in some way match the component name. It has to be unique within all the components of wxCode and it should not start with the 'wx' prefix.

Starting in February 2011 all wxCode components reside in a Subversion (SVN) repository. It is no longer possible to opt for the Concurrent Versioning System (CVS).

The "Component wiki" field allows you to choose if you want to keep a wiki dedicated for this component as the component website (when using value 'as website'), if you want to keep the wiki 'enabled' but separated from the actual component website (which you have to create in the SVN using the given XHTML template...) or if you do not want any wiki for this component (in this case select 'disabled').

Finally, note that this form allows you to specify an "Author name" which can be different from the maintainer's one since you could be submitting a component which was originally created by someone else...

Component name: Component creation date
Subdir: Repository: Subversion

To let users find easily your component, you should carefully set the following category fields; use the wxCode categories page as reference. They are very important since the current component list opens automatically in the "browse by category" mode. It's also important not to abuse of the "Miscellaneous" category. If you want to specify a single category for your component then set both category fields to the same value.


Window container



Window layout




Data container


Text processing








External dependencies: Programming language:
Component wiki: Author name:

Now add a brief description of your component. It should be enough so any user understands what your component does. Don't write how it does since that belongs to the component docs. A few lines here should be sufficient.


Now, submit some additional info about the current status of the component.
In the "Version" field you can use any versioning system you like (typically something like "major.minor" should be enough for a component; but you can also opt for a simple date-system: i.e. you keep this field updated with the date of the latest available release for your component).

Status: Version:
Number of samples provided: Documentation:

In the following controls you can make multiple selections (typically using the CTRL button when clicking):

wxWidgets supported port(s):
(this is very important;
select at least one entry)
wxWidgets supported version(s):
(this is very important;
select at least one entry)
Build system:
(deselect all options if you do
not provide any build system)

When you have filled in all fields you may submit them.

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